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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dry Cleaners Claims and some myths part 1.

Truth is, all dry cleaners have claims at some point.  On average dry cleaners pay out about .3-1% of sales a year on claims.  Claims fall into two categories, loss and damaged.  Loss items are usually the fault of the dry cleaners but damaged items are where the dispute often arise between the consumer and their dry cleaner or garment manufacture.

Myth:  The Dry Cleaner will cut me a check almost immediately for a claim.
Many consumers who have not had a claim before think they are going to be paid for the garment at cost to buy new almost immediately.  Dry Cleaners claims are much more expensive to pay out than say an order messed up at your local quick service restaurant.  Therefore, claims are processed more like an insurance claim. 

For instance, if the item is lost, a dry cleaner might take two to four weeks to locate the item or see if the item was misplaced in another order and returned.  Only after that will they start to identify the value and process a payment.  On a damaged item, there could be a number of reasons from manufacturing defect to dry cleaners error.  Dry cleaners go by a Fair Claims Guide as an adjustment formula for settlement of damage claim for textile products.  This often uses the depreciated value of the garment based on how old it is and how many times it has been cleaned.   Some dry cleaners may have a policy to pay damaged items at full cost to buy new, while other dry cleaners may be very reluctant to pay anything at all.  You are generally likely to find a dry cleaners with a favorable claims policy from a cleaners with a long standing reputation and is not a low price/discount cleaners.  It’s best to know how your dry cleaners handle claims in advance and thoroughly inspect your items before leaving the store.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Madison, IN Store!

It's been awhile since I've had the chance to update our Blog.  I'm not a full time blogger or even social media person and like many small business managers, have "many hats to wear".  I thought it would be a good time to update everyone on our new Madison, IN store opened in January 2012.  As rumors spread in late 2011 that Madison, IN only Dry Cleaners was closing up, the mayor contacted us about opening in town.  We had to act fast but in just two months, we were open for business!

We purchased the house and retail unit located on "the hilltop" at 1605 Clifty Drive.  We made minor repairs/renovations to the brick house and moved into that unit because it was in better shape.  Our plans were to fully renovate the retail building and move into the retail building once complete.  The renovation would include convenient features such as a drive thru, and 24 hr locker pick up access.  Below are a few pictures of the construction progress and our new sign at the property.  The town has responded well to us being there and we are also a member of the Madison Chamber of Commerce to help further support the local community.

This year, we plan to continue to finish work on the retail unit and eventually move.  We have also started a Wednesday and Saturday Free Pick Up & Delivery route service for Madison residents.  This route will be service by Madison, IN resident and one of route drivers, Matt Johnson.  You can call Matt anytime to start your route service at 812-599-0930 or sign up at www.nuyale.com